Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Home State!

This month we decided to stay here and enjoy everything that our home state has to offer.  Then we decided that we would share it with you all in case you were thinking about planning a trip this way!!

Vermont is beautiful any time of year, but fall is an especially magical time because that’s when you can witness the most stunning foliage.  With vivid colors of bright reds, luxurious oranges and dazzling yellows among them, you won’t be disappointed we promise!  

Leaf peepers (not a term I have ever used before, but I figured I would try it out on this post) from all over the country will have the same idea you do, so book early to make sure you don’t have to settle for a less-than-desirable lodging location.   You don’t want to risk having a long trek to the best foliage-viewing spots.  Plus, the longer you wait, the higher the prices will rise.  

The peak foliage time can be anywhere from the last few days in September to the first couple of weeks in October.  Unfortunately it’s going to be different timing ever year, so its tough to say when the best time to come and enjoy the scenery is.  I will say that if you come early to mid October, you can’t go wrong!  Plan to stay for at least one week or more (if you can of course, we love visitors to the state!) so that you can catch the most brilliant color displays.  Staying longer will make for a more enjoyable and relaxing trip, allowing you to take day trips to the best scenic areas, take tours at a leisurely pace and stop to take as many photos as you want.  If you can’t stay for a week or two, come for a long weekend!  I promise that you will love the sights!!

Killington Peak
This is one of those things you simply must experience for the pure thrill of it.  The best way to see Killington Peak, the second highest summit in Vermont’s Green Mountains, is to take a sky ride called the K-1 Gondola ride.  You will glide over the most amazing landscape and take in a spectacular aerial view of the foliage.  Definitely bring your camera, and definitely bring a strap for your camera!  Its a long way down and the search and rescue mission will be challenging.  I’ve lost some sunglasses to Killington.  

Once you arrive at the Peak, you’ll be in for another treat.  There is an observation deck from which you can take in breathtaking views, made all the more so by the color-changing leaves.  After you’ve had your fill, you can relax and dine at the restaurant located right on the summit, knowing that another eye-pleasing event awaits your return trip on the K-1.

Jenne Farm

Located in the hills of Reading, Vermont, this is one of the most photographed farms in New England.  Fall is an especially popular time, as that’s when this already scenic farm becomes the site of color-changing splendor.   The farm hosts an annual Fall Photo Contest, so definitely bring your camera and take your best shot!  

Your fall excursion in Vermont is going to be a very aesthetic and memorable experience.  Remember to plan early and set aside enough time to capture the full magic of the season. In addition to long, scenic drives, a trip to Killington Peak and Jenne Farm are must-sees to complete your most colorful vacation ever!

Enjoy the visit here!!

-Cliff and Tiff